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Is there such a thing as an easy-peasy toddler routine? Is a 'perfect schedule' something to strive towards?

I am a natural organiser, an annoying tidier and, like most people, a creature of habit. Creating and maintaining a routine has come pretty naturally to me, my struggle is when my daughter decides to change it after 6 weeks...

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have a good idea of what we get up to. I work part-time, so the two days I go to work don't apply to this, but the other week days, and even the weekends, generally fall into this routine for our two year old...

6:30/6:45 R and I get up, I change her nappy and we go downstairs in our PJs. I have a decaf coffee and she has a cup of warm milk whilst she watches TV and I respond to messages on my phone (usually on our family Hangouts group) I let the dog and cat out, and the dog back in.

7:15 I empty the dishwasher, tidy up the kitchen and make us some breakfast. We usually have Weetabix or porridge with fruit, like raisins and sliced bananas. R has water with her breakfast too. She will then play with her toys whilst I do some more tidying up, or put a load of laundry on if I need too.

7:45 We go upstairs and get washed and dressed. This can take FOREVER if R isn't in the mood for putting her clothes on. Depending on what activity she is doing, I will choose her outfit accordingly (I sometimes lay it out the night before whilst she's sleeping) but I am a fuss-pot and like her hair ties and clips to co-ordinate. We brush our teeth together and then she plays in her room / follows me about whilst I get ready and then make the beds.

8:15/8:30 If I have cleaning to do, we stay upstairs and R plays in her tepee or with her dolls house whilst I dust and wipe round upstairs. Otherwise, we go back into the lounge and we  might play together for a while, or I give her the opportunity to play by herself until it's time to go out.

9:30 All her classes are in the mornings, so I check the changing bag and add in snacks / water / ballet shoes etc as necessary. By this point the pets have usually wanted to go in and out multiple times so I will have been a glorified doorstop!

9:45 Pack up the car with all the paraphernalia needed and get our shoes on. R gives our dog Lola a treat in her bed and we head on out.

10-11:00 Classes! We swim, dance and do a music class and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoy it as much as she does!

11:00 - Usually back in the car with a snack (she is in LOVE with these Kiddylicious Coconut rolls, which she calls her 'toilet rolls' 😆) and depending on how tired R is after her activity, we'll either go straight home or stop somewhere on the way, like a supermarket or the garden centre and look at the bunnies.

12:00 Lunchtime! R and I eat together and I try to eat exactly the same thing she has. A favourite lunch right now is vegetable soup with toasted bread / crumpets. We have fruit and a yoghurt for pudding (and then I'll usually have a chocolate bar or biscuit when she's asleep!)

12:30 Nap time! Time for a bit of a chill and usually more chores for me. I'm starting to plant seeds at the moment, so I tend to do the messy compost stuff whilst she's asleep.

13:45 - 14:00 R wakes up and we go downstairs and she has a cup of milk. We watch an episode a couple of episodes of a programme she likes (Bing and Topsy and Tim are current favourites!)

14:00 This is where we mix it up most days. We sometimes have friends over/go to theirs to play. Or I'll do an activity at home, like painting, craft or baking.

15:00 Snack time. Depending on how much fruit she's had, she will have a snack bar, like Organix Soft Oaty bars, or Kiddylicious yoghurt splashed rice cakes.

We then usually play games (puzzles etc) or if it's fine, go in the garden. If/when she gets engrossed in something, I'll step away and let her play by herself. Thankfully she's quite good at this!

17:00 Start cooking. Rosalie helps sometimes, but I must admit I find it quite stressful and don't like her getting too close to raw meat or sharp knives!

18:00 Dinner time! We eat something different every day and the menu is very much influenced by whether or not Daddy is around - not because he's a fussy eater, but because cooking for two and a half can be annoying when you buy packaged food from the supermarket (500g of mince anyone?!) Again, we eat together, and have some sort of 'pudding' but this could be anything from a kiwi to chocolate cake!

18:30 We sit down and watch an episode of something on the TV whilst our dinner goes down, like Small Potatoes, or she also like Peter Rabbit.

18:45 If it's bath night and my husband is home, I'll run the bath whilst she watches TV, otherwise we go up a bit earlier.

19:00 Tooth brushing, hair brushing and drying, then one or two stories in her bed (thankfully she is in a single bed, so there is even room for all three of us!) and a bedtime song (Tee and Mo anyone?)

19:15 Lights out! I wish... she can drop off straight away or it can take her an hour and we have a lot of 'more stories' or 'I need water'. We try really hard not to keep going in her room, but if we do we only talk quietly and avoid chatting, just a simple 'it's bedtime now'.

So that's an average 'day-in-the-life with our two year old' routine. If you liked this post, let me know and I will do a two year old update next!

I made this cake for our daughter's birthday - it's dairy free and was YUMMY!


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