My small Cheshire garden - part 3


It's the start of April and the garden is growing with great gusto! It was pretty wet in February and the start of March, but these past few weeks have had some lovely dry, sunny days so I've managed to make a few changes.  Keep scrolling to see lots of photos. 
Brunnera macrophylla 'Jack Frost' came from my Aunt's garden in Cumbria - survived and blooming beautifully
Most of the plants in my garden are from cuttings, or were donated from my parents' or friends' gardens. I'm terrible for saying 'That's nice' in a kind of kid-in-a-sweet-shop way, but that is how I feel when I see other people's gardens. In fact, I usually choose which way to walk the dog based on which front gardens I want to look in / see how their plants are doing. It's an invaluable way of working out which plants do well in my local area / aspect.
The Wendy House had another coat of paint - but it rained not long after I'd finished and it started washing off. Argh!
The back and left-side border have been cleared (a few daffodils popped up!) - all the plants have been rehomed in the other borders - and the ground prepared for seeding with grass. For now, I haven't lifted the remaining patio slabs where the lawn will be extended, as it's the main thoroughfair to the shed/washing line/bench and without the stepping stones, we'll just be traipsing mud everywhere (and killing the young grass too!)
We finally have a bench courtesy of some friends who were dumping it!
Most of my time has been spent moving plants and weeding - a lot! I added some multipurpose compost as a light mulch across the right borders, to give all those plants that had been unceremoniously uprooted a fighting chance of surviving. That being said, the hellebore did not thank me for it and only gave me a couple of flowers before looking decidedly sad.

As you can see from the photos, everything is looking lovely and green! The forget-me-nots (myosotis) are providing a splash of blue, with the odd flash of pale yellow from the various daffodils, as well as purples and pinks from the pulmonaria near the conservatory. I love the pale icy-green lamb's-ear (stachys) leaves at this time of year - I often pick a couple and give them to Little R when we're playing in the garden; sometimes she rubs them on her cheek like she's cuddling her bunny teddy bear, which absolutely melts my heart.

At the moment, this border (below) around the Wendy House has had very little thought in terms of planting design. I've had to shove in plants willy-nilly during nap times and between chores, just so we could move forward with prepping the soil for the grass seed. The lawn took well from seed when we first tried to grow grass, so it had to be worth a try rather than buying rolled turf. I was also given a lot of plants from my Aunt up in Cumbria which I'm not sure how they'll grow here, so will wait for them to get their roots in first before deciding where they look best.

I've also been busy growing from seed this year. I'm hoping to add a few flowers as well as attempt to grow a few vegetables. I'm taking this all with a pinch of salt - I don't want to have a dedicated veg plot, instead I'm adopting a bit of permaculture here with all the flowers and grasses in the borders. If I lose some seedlings, so be it, but I'd like to try and most importantly, I want Little R to see me doing it so she starts to appreciate how wonderful it is to grow your own.

The mangetout has been shooting up now with very little effort! All the seeds I've planted are in my conservatory -I try to open the doors when it's a particularly sunny day but they do have a habit of drying out a little despite my best efforts.

And just to finish, these two usually keep me company in the garden. Here they are, Lola and Millie, sunning themselves - and Lola looking rather grey now and beardless since she got something disgusting in it from the park and had to be shaved, poor thing.


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