Little girl's modern chevron quilt


It is with great pleasure I can finally reveal an ongoing sewing project - a beautiful chevron quilt for my daughter Little R. This post it dedicated to my Grandmother, my inspiration.

My Grandmother was an avid quilter, and it is one of the regrets I have that she never got to know I inherited her love of quilting too. My Grandmother has Alzheimer's, it's not something I've talked about on Stylesbynature before, so all I will say in this post is that it's cruel, it's painful, it's frustrating and above all, it is wholeheartedly unfair to all affected.

Nanny, as we called her, was a very skilled crafter and I have such treasured and precious memories of the time as a child (and young adult too) being taught how to craft, whether it be making marble paper, or doing decoupage, to knitting a scarf or even making a 'faberge' egg. She is the inspiration for R's special quilt, as it contains fabrics that were hers, scraps that we found in her crafting cupboard after my Grandfather passed away and Nanny started a new stage of her life in professional care. Those fabrics set the colourway for the quilt, and I know how much joy I will have to be able to talk to R about those fabrics, and the lifetime of memories I have of Nanny and I.

I didn't use a set pattern for this chevron quilt - instead, I followed a very simple step-by-step guide thanks to the fantastic American blogger Jamie Saunders, on her blog Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom. I can't thank her enough, bloggers like Jamie make quilting a little less scary when you're just starting out; they prove that you don't need to do something as a job to be just as good at it for a hobby.
Rather overexposed photo, but it was glorious sunshine whenI took the snaps!
Not all the fabrics are from scraps, and the backing is a Lewis & Irene - one of my favourite fabric designers for feminine, kitsch fabrics. I've used them a lot in projects, particularly since they're stocked by my local quilting shop, Patchfinders. And be warned if you follow them on Pinterest, or Instagram, your bank balance may not thank you for it!

I opted for a plain green binding, which I feel pulls everything together well. I anticipate using this colour scheme when we redecorate R's bedroom, probably when she grows out of her cot and moves into a toddler bed. You can check out my Pinterest board on non-gender stereotyped toddler bedroom design. But you'll have to stay tuned for when her room is redecorated for a reveal post on that!


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