Exciting news: my Guest Blog feature!


It is with great pleasure I can announce that I'm going to be featured as a Guest Blogger on hotMaMa.co.uk! If you don't know who they are, they're a UK based clothing company dedicated to exclusively designing clothes for breastfeeding mothers which are specifically cut for a non-maternity silhouette.

My Guest Blog is something deeply personal for all new mothers, whether you breastfeed or not, and I have tried to be as honest as I can about an issue affecting many women today.

As you'll know from my Breastfeeding Survival Guide video, I breastfeed R up until she turned one, when she made the decision she was no longer interested any more (*sigh*). I had a nightmare with finding breastfeeding appropriate fashion later on in my breastfeeding journey, as most were cut for the post-partum figure. Plus, as hotMaMa say, mothers "deserve to have the opportunity to wear clothes that make us feel special if we choose to breastfeed."
A gorgeous HotMaMa kimono-style breastfeeding top: I'd have loved this while I was still feeding!
I hope you'll pop over and read my guest feature when it goes live - keep an eye on my Instagram account as I'll be announcing when it's available there!


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