My small Cheshire garden - part 2


Although it is February, still with frosts and very cold mornings, I am already starting to see new growth and those precious first buds emerging in the garden. Those buds are making me very excited for what this year will hold with the garden, and the evolution I have planned.

We have finally come to a compromise on the new design! Sometimes it is very difficult being married to a professional designer - the new garden design has led to a few debates (rows) and I do sometimes struggle to get my point across, but since I have more gardening knowledge than my husband, we have (at last) come to an agreeable plateau on how the design will work. After all, as much as I want to do it by myself, the garden isn't just for me so it can't just be how I want it, or how I think is best (but obviously, I do know best...😏)

So here's the new design, drawn to scale:

Taking in all the issues I talked about in my first garden post, this new design addresses them all. 

Gone are the curves! The garden is now themed around a series of rectangular borders, which will divide the space into smaller 'rooms', each with different points of interest. 

The new focal point for the garden will be Little R's Wendy House. It will positioned within a border that cuts across the lawn. This new border will frame the Wendy House when viewing from the patio, and provide a screen of flowers behind it, giving another interesting viewpoint when sitting in front of the shed.

The shed will be shielded from view by two new slatted contemporary fences, with an opening for access to the shed door. The birch tree (Snow Queen) from our wedding was moved from the left (stinky!) border to the right, as you an see in the above photo. Once the fences are in place, the Snow Queen (Betula Utilis Jacquemontii), will sit in front of one side, with a bench in front of the other to provide a seating area to make the most of the early day sunshine. From this position, you will see the new central border, but the Wendy House will screen the patio area.

Photos taken on another lovely spring morning in Cheshire...
The large, curving right-hand border (Bed C) as below, will be divided into three separate planting borders. The central border will be raised, as another method of enticing the viewer to move around the garden to be able to see all areas. It will also play host to some herbs, veg and salad crops, so will hopefully make harvesting a little easier on one's back!

The smelly back border (Bed A) is going, going, gone! All the plants have been temporarily rehomed in other borders, and it will eventually be turfed and become part of the extended lawn space. Bye bye weeding in Poop Corner!

The curved path will be replaced by simple stepping stones, providing access to the new bench (and shed) in a less convoluted journey.

A small raised deck will provide access from both the kitchen and conservatory doors at the same level, stepping down onto a new contemporary patio. The patio is greatly reduced in size, but still large enough to allow for access to the side of the property, and a small informal seating area - perfect for BBQ's and lazy evening drinks!

So that's the new plan! As you can see from the photos, I had marked it out, but the lovely Cheshire rain played havoc with the spray paint. I have also made a start on the new border (as above) since I needed somewhere to transplant everything from the back border before they went into vigorous growth mode. Apart from that, the only other pottering I've done is planting some new raspberry canes (Glen Arber) and a new blueberry! But you'll have to wait for part three for more details on those...

Do let me know what you think of the plan, and what you've been up to in your garden recently.

Love Laura x

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