Welcome 2017


The lost mitten is lost no more!
 January seems to be the time for reflection, resolutions and (supposedly) reformation, but it is also the time most people are at their lowest. The buzz and excitement of the holidays is over, the nights are still dark and bleak, and the effort of throwing on a million layers before heading anywhere is getting, frankly, pretty tiresome.

Reflecting on 2016 saw some of the highest, brightest, most wonderful times of my life. By twelve months, I was left wondering where my little baby was! She started cruising around the 10 and a half month mark, and took her first proper independent steps the week after her first birthday. But as you'll know, the year also brought some of my darkest moments of fear and anxiety, and so by the time December rolled around I was so poorly, I had to ask for help.

2017 is starting to look bright - despite having a sick baby and a cold myself - because, like every new year, it seems full of endless possibilities, provided you make the right things priorities, like family, fun, good food and gardening!

I'm not one for resolutions (and certainly not in January!) We could all eat a little healthier, exercise a little better, take more time to be present and in the moment, but if 2016 has taught me anything, it's that if you stand still for too long, you'll suddenly realise the year has passed you by.
And when it comes to reforming ones self, well, I believe it is better to be the best version of yourself, than to strive to be a perfect imitation of someone else.


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