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When Little R turned five months old, we did what most people do... embark on a series of building works on our house. Hello stereotypical Grand Designs episodes! (If only...)

As I'll have mentioned in previous posts, we bought our house from a gentlemen who unfortunately was both a hoarder, an alcoholic, and who admitted he stopped cleaning the house when his wife left him... 15 years ago! (vomit) Our house has been a love/hate project to be sure, but before we grew our family, we thankfully managed to do a lot of it ourselves. But, as with all renovations, there comes a point when you just have to call in the professionals.

Firstly, we had a new front door. We were lucky to work with a local stained glass artist to come up with something custom made, inspired by typical 1930s front doors.

We love it! It makes me happy to see the light flooding through it every morning (although not for much longer, hello autumn!) Most people assume the door is wooden, but it's actually composite with a special lock that means while we're unlikely to be locked out, the bolts engage to make sure the house is kept secure.
We then started on the major project - the kitchen. Here are some of the 'before' photos (excuse the quality, it's like the camera was actually scared of the room.) As you'll see from them, to say the kitchen was a 'wreck' is in a understatement!
You can play 'spot the cleaning products' with these photos!

Firstly, we had to move our back door, then have a brand new window fitted and also open up the pitched roof to add in a Velux window, to make sure light flooded the space. We're planning to extend the house in the future, so needed to relocate the back door so we'll be able to follow the floorprint around the side. Plus, it's lovely being able to look out through all that glass at the garden (and mentally make a list of gardening jobs as I wash up...)

What a mess!
We had to have a full re-wire, which meant the ceiling had to come down - not that that was exactly a problem since you've seen what it was like before!

The doors are all solid oak, with the white and ink blue doors being painted. It's not an in-frame kitchen, but as space is tight, we needed to make the most of every last bit. We also made sure there was space for some of our cookery books, and those bits and bobs you need to hand (mugs!) with the two small open shelves we managed to squeeze in the end. You'll see from the photos it's not yet finished. We have since these were taken managed to paint, but the floor tiles still need grouting, we need a window ledge, and an actual door on the kitchen! Imagine what it's like trying to cook quietly every night because the little one's asleep... #stealthcooking

Our work surface, upstands and splash back behind the hob is all Silestone, which is made from natural quartz. The product name is Bianco Rivers. The sink, hob, extractor (which you can see in the photo still has the protective film on it) and oven are all by Smeg. I absolutely love having a five-ring burner; I can only imagine how useful it'll be in the future when we're doing big family dinners. The oven is fantastic, it's so fast to heat up and has an Eco mode which uses less energy. Our bin is a Simplehuman Butterfly bin, which is perfect for squeezing into the space by the door and I have to mention (because all my guests ask) the amazing draining washing up bowl is by Joseph & Joseph.

The floor tiles are porcelain and from B&Q - they have a printed concrete pattern to them. While I love how light is keeps the kitchen and hall (we ran it the whole way through so we wouldn't have a threshold), I am constantly hoovering and mopping it. But then again, that may just be because I've been in cleaning overdrive since the baba arrived. And on that note, the baby's now asleep, this post is done, and I've got a date (again) with my trusty Vileda 1-2 spray mop....

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