My breastfeeding survival guide


I've finally done it and uploaded my first YouTube video! If you're a first time Mama or new to breastfeeding, then please do watch My Breastfeeding Survival Guide Video where I talk about the top 5 products that saw me through the most challenging first 15 weeks of breastfeeding. And for those of you who think I've had an easy ride, you're mistaken - I've had a baby with tongue tie and I've had mastitis, low milk supply, cracked and bleeding nipples, engorgement, blocked ducts, THE LOT!

REMEMBER: None of these products can make up for a bad latch. Get your latch checked if you're having problems and if you're not happy with the advice you get, get another opinion from another care provider! Don't think it's because you're doing it wrong, it may (like me) be that the technique you were shown was not right for you and your baby.

Find out more about tongue-tie:

Products discussed:

  1. Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter
  2. CannyMum bamboo breast pads
  3. Medela Nipple Shields
  4. Medela Swing Breast Pump
  5. Bravissimo Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding Support

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Note: I have NOT been paid to review or endorse any of these products. They are just what worked for me.

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