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You'll know if you've read my other posts that my husband and I decided not to find out the gender of our baby before she was born (we're terrible traditionalists!) so when decorating our nursery, we were liberated from going down the pink or blue themed roads. And I am so glad we didn't (even though I am partial to a bit of pink myself).

I bought her 'R' cushion from M&S this week, I couldn't resist it when I saw it! The pom-poms are the same colours as ones in her curtains, and I love that'll it go on her 'big-girl' bed when she's in one (she won't have it in her cot when she sleeps in it).

Her cot is from Mamas and Papas, although at the moment she sleeps in a M&P moses basket in our bedroom. As her room is small, we chose not to go for a cot bed, as we wanted to give Little R as much floor space as possible. I love natural woods and oak in particular so I wanted her cot to be wooden, ideally with rounded spindles and three base heights, and this one was the closest I could find!

Her wardrobe and lampshade are from Ikea, and the chest of drawers is from a local second-hand furniture shop. We were bought a Sangenic nappy bin & while it wasn't something I'd have bought myself, I am so grateful for it, it's genius! I know the bag refills can be pricey, but there are non-branded ones which fit that are better value, including one from Aldi so I'be heard!

I took inspiration galore from Pinterest - have a look at my 'Gender neutral nursery' board and my new one, 'Little girl's non-stereotype room'. Mark and I love Scandinavian inspired design and since her room was painted white, we decided to inject colour through her accessories. I made the curtains myself and it took MONTHS to find a material I was happy with! I wanted something that was bold and bright and which we could always pick a primary colour from to decorate with in the future. I bought the material from Prestigious Textiles - an amazing website that showcases hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous fabrics.

The top drawer of her chest of drawers holds nappies, wipes, cotton wool, and everything we need for changing her. In the middle drawer is bedding and in the bottom drawer are all clothes that she'll grow into.

In her wardrobe we have spare blankets, muslims, snowsuits and then we have all her socks, tights, booties and leggings in Ikea drawer tidies. I hang her dresses, trousers and tops, although most of these are for the next sizes up. In the top drawer are vests, in the middle drawer are sleepsuits and in her bottom drawer are all her hats and knitwear, which she seems to have a ton of!

The sun and moon artwork is by Canadian artist Eve Sand, who sells via Etsy, and I bought the frames from, which I use A LOT and are really good value for money! These frames are above her cot, along from her wardrobe.

The black and white poster has a bit of a story behind it. When we lived in Manchester, a film crew came to town and closed off the road my apartment building was on. At the time, Mark was working on the same road and got to know the production crew really well, as he had to negotiate with the team regarding temporary closure of the building. The film was none other than Captain America! When the crew started dismantling the set from the street, they gave Mark one of the posters that was up. You can actually see it in one of the scenes too! I know it's a bit of a random thing to put in a baby's nursery, but she loves looking at the black and white print and it's so nice to know we'll have such a nice story to share with her when she's old enough (maybe that will make us seem 'cool' to her!)

Of course no nursery would be complete without some toys and she has plenty even though she's only eight weeks old! You'll see some in the other photos, but I use this tub next to her cot for all the ones for newborns - 6 months. The ones we've been bought for her when she's older are stored on top of her wardrobe in this felt bag which I bought from Amazon.

We have one more print to put up, this beautiful personalised Noah's Arc print from Not On The High Street in warm grey - a very generous and gorgeous gift from my friends Anna and Chris, thank you so much guys! It'll go on the back wall above her cot, alongside these honeycomb fans which add a final splash of colour to her room.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our friends and family for their love, support and well wishes. Little R has been well and truly spoilt already and she is truly blessed to have you all in her life.

If there's anything you've spotted in the photos that you'd like to know where it's from, do leave me a comment & I'll get back to you.

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