Vegan chocolate cake


I've recently been watching Simply Nigella on BBC Two and have, surprisingly, found the show pretty enjoyable! I've never watched any of Nigella's programmes before, or used any of her recipes - I've always been put off by her 'naughty' reputation, and 'simpering-to-camera' style, which is not to my taste. However, you can not deny she is an exceptional cook. In the second episode she made a vegan chocolate cake that, quite frankly, is to die for - and I challenge anyone to watch the show and NOT want to try it yourself!

I'd never baked a specifically vegan cake before and was dubious I would manage it, but since one of my colleagues is vegan (and ipso facto, she had missed out on all my previous office bakes) it only seemed fair to try. And I'm so glad I did!

I thought some of the ingredients would be difficult to buy - coconut butter and edible rose petals - but both of which were in the spices aisle in my local (tiny!) Waitrose.

I made it the night before I took it into the office - the cake remained beautifully moist, however I felt the delicate rose flavour from the petals was diminished as they had soaked into the icing (I also made way too much icing!) That, and the pistachios lost some of their yummy crunchiness. I'd definitely recommend Nigella's tip of making it ahead of time and freezing, then just whipping up the icing when you want to serve it.

If you're thinking of giving this recipe a go, my only advice is to make sure you have a tin with a tight bottom. I used one of my ancient tins (it belonged to my Grandmother) and the mixture started leaking out the bottom almost immediately, so it was important the oven was already to temperature so I could get it in and cooking straight away!

The recipe is available for free on Nigella's website. Thank you Nigella! If you make this yourself, I'd love to see photos! Follow me on Instagram

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