Me, my bump and I (part 3)


So supposedly I'm on the 'home-straight' now - two weeks until Christmas and two weeks until my due date. Here's my last (I hope) bump update either for this baby or in this year. 

Third trimester so far (at 38 weeks)
Sum up in one word: Festive!

Biggest change/surprise: Space! Baby T has dropped down now so I no longer feel like everything's sitting high in my chest. I can eat a proper dinner, which I'm VERY pleased about with Christmas around the corner.

Worst thing about this trimester: Turning over in bed; I feel like a beached whale when it comes to turning over or trying to get up. Thankfully, my stomach muscles are still in pretty good shape really, so it's not that I can't, it's just it's hard work.

Best thing about this trimester: The time! Now that I've stopped working, I've had so much time to catch up with friends and family. I recently had a 'big' birthday and went to my parents for a lovely weekend to celebrate. My in-laws have been to stay and I've had my sister and family up for over a week. Our family is all spread out across the UK so any time we can get together is a true blessing. That, and it's almost Christmas! 

Total weight gain/measurements: I've put on another 5 pounds since I was 33 weeks, but it's been very gradual however I'm trying not to overdo it with mince pies now.

Stretch marks: Still none! I'm aware that the closer I get to my due date, or if I go overdue, I'll probably get some at the end, but I'm pretty lucky to have none so far. Huge thank you to my parents for their amazing genes, and also to Argan Oil 'Mum to Be' Body Butter from Waitrose, which I've used right from the beginning of my pregnancy. I've always moisturised after every shower anyway, but this is so luxurious it's felt like such a treat to use throughout my pregnancy. It absorbs quickly, isn't greasy but is still a rich, thick cream. This is my second pot, which I've used about a quarter of to date, so I'm sure you'll agree isn't bad for 9 months of (almost) daily use!

Sleep: I'm still getting up fairly early, but I'm waking up more in the night now, usually because of needing to go to the toilet or because of Braxton Hicks. I've got a small gap in visitors until Christmas so I may attempt a few afternoon naps... if I'm not too busy ;)

Unwelcome symptoms: Not really a symptom, but getting kicked in the ribs is now most uncomfortable!

Mood: I've found that since finishing for maternity leave, when I wake up in the night (usually the 4am toilet trip) I then struggle to get back to sleep. My mind plays over and over thoughts about baby, the birth, life after he or she arrives, then followed by Christmas, visitors, cooking, thinking about the house etc. Very frustrating!

Three loaths: Now only having three items of clothing that fit. Bending down to pick things up (like dog poop on walkies) and then not being able to get back up without leaning on something or getting someone to help.

Three loves: Spending time with family and friends. Spending more time with our dog Lola. Soon (and finally!) getting to meet our baby.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016!

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