A checkerboard quilt for our baby


When both my sister and sister-in-law announced they were expecting, I made both new babies a quilt which would hopefully be both useful and unique. So it may not surprise you that when I knew it was my turn, it was time to crack out the sewing machine and make something for our baby.
I decided to make a scrappy checkerboard-style quilt, using up some spare pieces of material left-over from both my sister's and sister-in-law's quilts, and a few new fat quarters too. For the front, I added the following to my collection:

I bought all of these online from www.eclecticmaker.co.uk, but who do have a shop in Worthing (UK) if you're local.
I alternated between a plain white cotton square and patterned square. The final quilt consists of 18 squares across by 20 down, to make a rectangular quilt rather than a square. Each of the cut and sewn squares measure 1.25" x 1.25". I wish I had sewn these in smaller groups of squares, rather than working on a big piece as I went along. This would have also helped with the alignment which was a pig!

For the backing and I binding I was VERY lucky that a dedicated quilting and material shop opened down the road from my house, so both materials were bought from there. This has been VERY dangerous while I've been on maternity leave...

I treated myself to a bias tape maker to make the yellow-patterned binding and am now IN LOVE with this new tool! Mine came from the quilting shop but there are plenty on line - this is closest to the version I bought.

I ditch-stitched quite sparsely, so as the reverse would show quite an open pattern rather than something intricate. However, I recently attended a free-motion machine embroidery class so will have to have a go with the next project.

And here it is, ready and waiting to receive baby... whenever he/she is ready to make an appearance!

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