What's in my hospital bag - packing for baby


The time has come at last to pack up my hospital bags and I scoured the internet for good examples. Most I came across were American or those using private healthcare, so what people were packing was quite different compared to those of us using England's National Health Service. So instead of whiling hours away online, I simply asked my sister. 

Her packing list was realistic and based on a short-term hospital stay. Comparing her list to the one my midwife gave me, I compiled my own. For those of you who don't have a sister to ask, or are still scouring the internet for good (English) examples, here's what's in my hospital bags:

For baby
Our baby is due in the festive season, so I'm preparing for it to be cold. For all of baby's things, I'm packing everything in our Babymel Big Slouchy Tweed Grey changing bag, as my overnight bag isn't big enough for everything (and I don't see the point in buying a new bag when I can use two I already have.)

Babymel Big Slouchy Tweed Grey changing bag
Here's what fits in:
The only thing not listed below is a fluffy snowsuit/pramsuit, which was a hand-me-down from my nephew.

  1. Grey/White and mustard-yellow chevron knitted pram blanket from Mama's & Papa's
  2. Three muslins (two white and one grey)
  3. 15 nappies (Size 1 Pampers) which I bought from Boots
  4. A pack of nappy bags (from Tesco - these are what we use for the dog!)
  5. 1/2 a pack of cotton wool pads (the rest are in the nursery)
  6. Four pairs of plain white socks from Mothercare
  7. A beautiful hand-knitted cardigan, mittens and matching hat made by Nanny Styles (my Mum)
  8. Four sleepsuits/babygrows (see descriptions below)
  9. Four vests (see description below)
  10. A baby towel (bottom-left of this photo) but which my midwife's since said I don't need to bring as they have towels available

Here it is all packed up!
All packed and ready to go - ah!
The pockets inside the changing bag are incredibly useful for keeping nappies/socks/hats/muslins easy to grab. My sister had a similar shaped bag (from OiOi) and loved how easily you could open it and delve inside. My sister-in-law told me to look at Babymel - she had three different changing bags and found her Babymel one to be the best. I wanted something gender-neutral where my husband wouldn't look like a pillock carrying it about. Plus, our beautiful pram, a gift from my bestfriend, is a similar grey/blue colour and I wanted it to match.

And if you hadn't guessed already, mustard yellow is my favourite colour. My handbag is that colour and so is our guest room!

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