Me, my bump and I (part 2)


If you enjoyed my previous post (Me, my bump and I (part 1)), I've written a slightly extended version for the third trimester based on some of the questions I've been asked. If you wanted to ask anything specific, do leave a comment, or get in touch.

Third trimester so far (at 33 weeks)
Sum up in one word: Hokey-cokey

Lola having a little perch there on bump...
Biggest change/surprise: This baby likes to move! Its favourite time to do the hokey-cokey is during meetings at work - it's like s/he likes to test Mama's acting skills to see how many flips they can do before I can't keep a straight face anymore...

Worst thing about this trimester: Commuting. I know that could easily be a non-pregnancy thing, but the amount of people who just don't notice is unreal! I fainted on the train a few weeks ago and must have fallen on the woman on the seat next to me. She proceeded to push me off her until I hit the chair and came round. Lovely!

Best thing about this trimester: Finalising our choice of names. Our girl's name was decided so easily. My husband and I were both on the same wave length and once it was suggested, the deal was done. Our boy's name was a little more tricky. We'd always agreed if we had a boy we'd give him a name that goes back in my family history to the 1700s. However, only a few months before Baby Tweedale was due, another family member had a boy and their son was given that name. That's just the way the cookie crumbles! So we've gone back to the drawing board.

Total weight gain/measurements: I started off with a BMI of about 18, way too low! Morning sickness did not help this, but I've now put on about 30 pounds altogether. The midwife said usually women put on a pound a week now (half of which is for your baby) so if I go to 40 weeks, I could put on another 10 pounds. I've never been that heavy before, but as it's not like usual weight gain, I can't say I'm that bothered.

Stretch marks: Nope! (Not yet, anyway...)

Sleep: Despite having bought a new bed a couple of years ago, which is usually a pleasure to be in, there's no hanging about under the covers once I've woken up. I do wake in the night two or three times, but usually by about 6am my back hurts so much from lying down that I can't drift back off to sleep and so just get up, regardless of if it's a work day or a Sunday morning! Turning over is also getting increasingly difficult.

Unwelcome symptoms: Unfortunately the headaches have started to creep back in but *touch wood* so far, they've not escalated to migraine proportions. Oh, and anaemia. Iron tablets are disgusting so I'm eating an iron-rich diet in the hope that means I won't have to take them.

Mood: There have been too many lovely things happening so far in this trimester for me to be moody! One of my nephews turned one and we had a family party, I'll be having a 'big' birthday in a few weeks, and I will also finish for maternity leave. However, I would say that I'm more emotionally tired than physically tired - after a day at work I feel exhausted that by the time I get home, I don't ever really have the motivation to do more than eat and go to bed! 9pm bedtimes are my staple :)

Three loaths: Not being able to tuck my shirt in my waistband without resembling a stuffed turkey. Feeling like a stuffed turkey. Braxton Hicks (grr).

Three loves: Packing my hospital bag (then unpacking it and repacking it because I'e forgotten what I've included). Finally finding something I LOVE for baby's 'going home' outfit. Very, very soon, no longer having to do the horrendous commute in and out of the city for work!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been reading my blog. I just tipped 11,000 hits and am so grateful to you all for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts, but most importantly, I hope by seeing what I've achieved as a 'DIY-er' you have been inspired to have a go yourself and not be put off by all those out there who may tell you: "You need to be a professional for those kind of results!"

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