Me, my bump and I (part 1)


A lot of family and friends who aren't local have been really interested in hearing about my pregnancy (I feel like my phone / email / WhatsApp / Google Hangouts / Facebook hasn't stopped!) We've had so much going on (see my earlier post on 'A summer of DIY') I hadn't stopped to think about documenting the progress. So here's a quick run down of trimester's one and two.

First trimester
Sum up in one word: Migraines

Biggest change/surprise: For the first three/four months of my pregnancy I felt AWOL to my own life. Having suffered with migraines for over ten years, they took on a life of their own in early pregnancy. The daily medication I used to take I had to give up in anticipation of being pregnant, and sadly, there's no treatment available other than paracetamol, which has no effect on me. I ended up in hospital and had oxygen therapy, the only thing that seemed to help, so was very glad to move out of that period!

Worst thing about this trimester: Living on edge all the time – being constantly worried about if s/he is OK and whether or not today will be another bad migraine day. Feeling unable to make any plans and wanting to hide away from everyone… Oh, but still having to pretend everything is fine because we hadn’t told anyone the news!

Best thing about this trimester: The first scan. I can’t say I was overly emotional, I know a lot of people cry when they see their baby on the tiny monitor for the first time, but I can hand-on-heart say I felt relief! Relief they were really there and they were absolutely fine despite the constant sickness and migraines.

Second trimester
Sum up in one word: Trouserless

Lola approving of my dress that was a hand-me-down from my sister
Biggest change/surprise: By this stage, the majority of my wardrobe had to be packed away and I was struggling to find decent clothes to wear. I had tried nearly 30 pairs of jeans and trousers, all of which you have to order online (and pay postage!) and then return, on a Saturday, before 12pm, when the Post Office was open, without missing the window for getting a full refund. Nightmare! I tried ASOS, Topshop, M & S, Gap, Mothercare, JoJo Maman Bebe, John Lewis... there were probably some others too. None of them were right, so since the summer my wardrobe has existed of dresses and long jumpers with leggings. 

Worst thing about this trimester: I love a soft-boiled egg (there, I’ve said it). My favourite weekend treat is Eggs Benedict with homemade Hollandaise sauce and no matter how many times I’ve tried, I can assure you it is NOT the same with a hard-boiled egg. I’ve of course substituted it for hard-boiled eggs for the time being, but that is the first meal I’m looking forward to enjoying again after Baby Tweedale arrives.

Best thing about this trimester: Feeling like myself again, feeling baby moving about and my husband being able to feel them too! Poor Lola had made-do with just walkies from Mark as I was so poorly, so it was so nice for me and her to be able to enjoy nice walks again!

For more bump/baby updates in the future, take a look at my new Motherhood category.

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