A summer of DIY - lounging in the lounge


What a summer it's been! Despite being busy with a growing baby bump, our house has been in turmoil while we tackle our lounge and dining room. As the most-used room in our home, we've been living surrounded by dust-sheets, power tools and a lot of boxes for a number of months. 

Take a look at my Pinterest board 'Lounging in the lounge' to see some of our design inspirations!

This is what it looked like when we moved in (after removing the sodden carpets):

The redecorating took a number of months as I was quite poorly for the start of my pregnancy so my (fantastic!) other half shouldered the decorating burden. The DIY kicked off with stripping the woodchip and anaglypta off the walls and ceiling, followed by a full re-skim (that took a week on its own + a week to dry!). Here it is before the plaster went on. You can see we had to rebuild the bay window as it was so blown:

I love this photo, seeing our dining table set up for a Sunday roast with sheets of plasterboard behind it!
After the plaster dried, my (amazing!) husband painted the walls and ceiling (the smell of the paint was too much for me). For the walls, we went for Farrow & Ball's 'Hardwick White' paint. We originally wanted to go for a really dark navy, but the space was just too large to carry off such a dark tone throughout, and because of having duel chimney breasts, there was no way of dividing up the space so it was only part of one room or the other. 

Disappointingly, both our parquet flooring and cast iron fireplace were new and not reclaimed. I'd say these were the biggest achievements of this room and have made such a difference to the feel of the space - and my incredible husband did it all!

The oak parquet came from Direct Flooring Centre and our fire was a 'Carron Abbott' with an art nouveau detail (I can't remember where we bought it from!) as we wanted to add a few 20s/30s touches to nod to the era of our house. This influenced some of the other fitting choices too, like the pendant shades from Laura Ashley.

We also bought a new sofa - our previous one, the delicious gold coloured one you may have seen in other posts, came from Freecycle a few years back and was already 15 years old when we got it! Our new sofa is from Laura Ashley, it's called 'Lynden' and we went for it in a linen natural stripe (...which I'm sure we'll regret when Baby T arrives!)

We also bought a new rug which I am in love with! We may not have been able to paint the room dark blue, but this sated our love of the colour. You can only just see it in the above photo, but it's from Woven Ground and it's now one of Lola's favourite places to sit (although she does love that her bed is in front of the radiator, as you can see).

Despite all this work, we haven't finished. We've got all the woodwork left to paint, and need to sort out getting some roman blinds for the bay window, but for now we're having a break. Our baby's due during the festive season (and we've both had enough of constantly stepping around tools and tins of paint). Besides, it's not like we won't have anything else on our plate next year... right?

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