How to make a quick 10-step quilted make-up bag


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and great start to 2015. This year my husband and I spent our first Christmas together in our own home. It was fantastic! We even managed to strip some walls on Boxing Day (the DIY never ends here).

But that's not all the DIY'ing I've been up to. This Christmas, I decided to do some homemade presents, make-up bags for the girls and toiletry bags for the boys. Here's my how-to if you're looking for a quick homemade prezzie! I've tried to include lots of photographs to go alongside the steps, but apologies for how dark they all are, we have really bad lighting in our dining room (it's on the to-do list!) and I made all of these in the evenings after work) so they aren't quite true to colour.

Quick quilted make-up bag (or pencil case I suppose!)

What you'll need:

A 10" zip in a matching or complimentary colour
10" x 7" material x 2 for lining
10" x 7" material x 2 for exterior
10" x 7" batting x 2 (for sandwiching between both!)

Step 1
Pin one piece of batting to the reverse of one square of exterior material.

I free-handed the quilting as I went along, but feel free to make a grid, do squares, or just whatever you fancy!
Step 2
Do the same for the second exterior piece.

Step 3
Lay the zip, face down, to the right-side of one exterior piece, aligning the zip ends to the edges of the exterior piece.

Flip over and lay one interior piece to the front of the zip. Your interior and exterior pieces should now make a 'zip sandwich'. Baste (if you're a less lazy sewer than me!) then machine sew along the nearside edge.

You may need to stop half way down to pull the zip head past your machine foot, so it doesn't 'walk up' as you sew past the zip head. This should give you one very straight seam.

Step 4
Flip the exterior so both wrong-sides are facing and the other raw-edge of the zip is free. Iron the seam and be sure to iron between each stage, it makes A HUGE DIFFERENCE to how well the zip pulls. JUST DO IT! (And I should know, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to pressing my sewing).

Step 5
Now make another zip sandwich. Lay one piece of exterior out, right-side up. Take the zip and lay it facing down on top of the other exterior piece, so both right-sides are together. Then lay the remaining interior piece on the reverse of the zip. Baste (or just pin if you're lazy like me) and sew.

Step 6
Now flip so it is open like a book, with the zip in the middle, one piece of (right-side) exterior material facing up. It should look like this:

Step 7
Pull both exterior pieces to meet wrong-sides together, and pin edge to edge. Do the same with the interior pieces, marking a 4" opening in the middle.

Step 8
Sew all the way round (leaving the 4" gap in the interior lining) using a 1" seam allowance (this is so as the zip ends are tucked in between the interior and exterior pieces).

You may want to back stick over both ends of the zip, to make 'stoppers' (although the material kind of does this for you).

Step 9
Now box the corners.

I went for about 1" in, but if you want it to be more boxy, you could try going to maybe 2"... (but I haven't done this, so you'll have to tell me if it works!)

Pinch the corners and mark 2" in from the end. Stitch straight across and cut off the excess. Do this for all four corners.

Step 10 
The 4" gap you left in the interior (lining) should be enough for you to be able to turn the right way out.

Pinch the gap shut, tucking in the raw edge, and stitch closed.

And voila!

Give it one last press and then go ahead and fill with treats. (You might want to make one for yourself so you don't get gift-envy...)

I made two different colour combos. All the material for these were purchased from The Eclectic Maker.

The purple design is Emma's Garden Garden Bouquet in Violet Patty Sloniger.
The yellow design is Petal Pinwheels Michael Miller Fabric Petal Garland in Canary.

I hope you liked this post - next up, one for the boys!

Laura x

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