Updated Autumn skincare regime


The night's are now darker and with the colder temperatures, the wind and the rain on their way, I've added a few additional products to my regular skincare regime. I've been using these products for a number of weeks now and am finding them perfect pick-me-ups for the colder months!

Boots wrinkle decrease Eye Cream
My sister finds it hilarious that I pack my toiletry bag full of age defence/anti-ageing products, but the way I see it, they're often richer and packed with great ingredients that can really pack a punch in the approach to the festive season. I battle the great outdoors for about an hour every day, what with my commute to and from the office, plus the daily dog walk. But then when I get to the office, it's time to fight against central heating and usually not drinking enough because I'm engrossed in what I'm doing! And where do I notice fatigue first? It's always the under eye area. Now while make up can combat what the problem looks like, it's not helping it from the root (she says getting up for a glass of water).

This eye cream goes a very long way! Every morning and evening, after cleansing and moistursing, I apply a tiny amount to my index finger, rub both together, and smooth across the eye area from the tear ducts out to the cheek bones. I have a few under eye wrinkles and tell-tale laughter lines, and I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin tone by using this product. I've found that, particularly after I've scrubbed my eyes to remove my mascara, my skin is in need of some TLC. It's certainly helped hydrate the skin in that area and has improved dark circles. Using this alongside my no-caffeine diet has seen some fantastic results! It's certainly now a new staple in my everyday routine.

SiennaX Gradual Glowing Self Tan
Just because the winter is coming, doesn't mean I abandon my regular self-tan regime. I don't sunbathe and am a sunblock Factor 50 girl, so the only tan I'm ever likely to get is from a bottle. After being a long-time advocate of L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan, I wanted a lighter and more delicate product that would give me more of a warm glow than a 'I've been to the beach' skin tone. Plus, in the winter, I tend to wear a lot of whites and creams (think snugly, chunky knitwear), which can wash me out completely without some colour. The best things about this product are equal winners: it's natural look and great (non fake tan) smell! I was really amazed! What's great about it is I can use it straight after a shower and know during the day no one will think "Is she wearing sun screen?" or worse yet "Someone opened the biscuits?" Having no telltale fake tan smell makes deciding when you apply it a doddle.

And here's an after shot:

Dove regenerating nourishment hand cream
This nifty little hand cream now lives on my bedside table and each night I apply it after I've finished reading. It's a fairly thick cream, which means it isn't great for during the day (greasy keyboard = not good!) but certainly gives a good enough kick for a great nighttime boost of hydration. I have very dry hands, particularly during the winter months. I wash my hands a fair amount because of using public transport/having pets, so I always need a hand cream 'handy' so my skin doesn't get too dry and crack. After I apply this product, it makes me feel like my hands are having a good sigh, almost like they've had a big drink and gone 'Ahhhhh'.

Simple Kind to Skin Pore Minimising Toning Cleanser
(What a mouthful of a name!)
I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! After I've removed my make up, I use this to make sure my skin is completely product free, before applying my evening moisturiser. I've noticed a vast improvement in both the tone and general condition of my skin, including a reduction in blemishes (yippee). It's great at not only removing those last remnants of foundation (think jawline and hairline), but also from getting rid of all the chemicals from the make-up remover wipes I use, which can have quite a drying effect, particularly around the eye area.

For some reason, after I bought this product back in September, my local chemist stopped stocking it - if it hadn't, I would absolutely have kept using it. I've actually just dipped my toe into the micellar water toning craze and want to really compare the two products against each other, particularly as my skin is now being subjected to the colder temperatures. Stay tuned for the comparison update!

What's your top go-to skin care product for this season?

Laura x

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