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Another room down and what a mission it was! For so long as I live I wish I never have to see another bit of woodchip wallpaper (shame it's in every darn room).

First off, here's a snap of how we inherited it. My husband and I think that the previous owner must have channelled out the electrics for two bedside lights, only to realise he'd made it too narrow and so the bed wouldn't fit inbetween them. Suffice to say, we weren't going to be putting a bed against that wall!

We also had a problem with the absolutely stunning lampshade which you can just about make out in the photo (yes, that was sarcasm). Unfortunately again, the previous occupier had put in the wrong wattage of light bulb for the fitting and melted it so we couldn't get it off (nightmare). Finally, there had been some kind of leak and so the plaster behind the radiator in the bay window was shot, and had to be pulled down. This meant taking out the original window ledge, disconnecting the radiator and then reboarding the bay with plasterboard.

We're gutted that this is the only room left with the original 1930's door. We're scouring our local reclamation yards for replacements, but finding ones to match the size without having to cut them down  too much/distort the shape is proving rather challenging. For now though, we decided to leave the door as it is and decide whether to have them all painted, or all stripped, later down the line.

This room had delightful woodchip paper on the ceiling and anaglypta paper on the walls so it took just over a day to strip it off. You can see in the picture below the marvellous job my husband did in reboarding the bay window.

As you can see, the ceiling wasn't in great condition, but not bad enough to warrant paying to replaster it entirely (not for now anyway). The lovely beigey-yellow is, we think, 30's ceiling paint! Instead, we decided to knock out any sections of plaster that had blown and fill those ourselves. We then used a couple of coats of Polycell's Crack-free ceiling paint in matt white (bought from B&Q) before using Dulux Pure White Brilliant Matt emulsion.

As we have a 1930's house, we wanted to bring back some of the original features. The picture rail had been removed in this room so we decided to add it back in. We managed to find some tucked away in the back of the loft (goodness knows how long it had been there!) and just picked up some extras from our local hardware shop.

Also, the walls weren't in good enough condition to paint straight onto, but rather than fork out for a plasterer, we decided that for now, a high-grade lining paper should do. I think we went for a 1500 grade.

As we'd had to re-do the bay window, we had to replace the window ledge. When we decided to go for blinds instead of curtains, we opted for a small bevelled wooden ledge, rather than the plastic one that was there before, as we didn't have to worry about it interfering with a curtain.

So here's the finished article! The yellow is Farrow and Ball's Print Room Yellow, quite a mustardy yellow which my Mum laughed at because back in the 80's, my parents decorated their first lounge in the same colour!

The blinds are from, who we also bought our bedroom blind from too and I couldn't be happier! They offer a fantastic service, are competitively priced and better yet, are delivered to your door with simple instructions on how to put up. The quality is very high and I think they look much more expensive than they were! The ones in this room are their Pure White Wooden Blind in 50mm slats.

The floating white shelf next to the bed was from Homebase and the grey bedside lamp was from TK Maxx, which I love for homeware as it's so quirky and you never know what you might find! You just have to be prepared to go often and not always find something you're after.

To accessorize the room, we tried to keep it as clutter free as possible. The artwork is by my Great Aunt, an amazing artist and who I believe I inherited some of my own artistic skills from, from her and then my mother. The mirror was my Godfathers' mother's, an original 1930's pair which my Godmother has the other one of in her house! I bought the frame and mount for the painting from and went for their 20mm white paint frame, made to measure. The bed frame was from my sister-in-law (thank you!) and was a plain pine frame, which we painted white. The yellow cushion is from Next - a bargain at £14, but I don't think they have them anymore!

The rather extravagant chandelier (oh to be married to a Lighting Designer!) is one of their Slamp range by Fiorella. We used to have this in our dining room in our old house, but it doesn't quite go in the new dining room so this was the only other room where we could put it which didn't mean someone might whack their head on it!

Finally, the wardrobe is a very old Ikea one, it was my husband's when he was a teenager. The chair is my upcycled Ercol - which you can read my blog post Ercol Chair face-lift if you'd like to know how I reupholstered it.

And that's it! We have since completed another bedroom, our 'little room' ('box room' sounds a bit bleurgh)... plus, we're about to get all the bedrooms carpeted and paint the doors, so stay tuned for another DIY post soon.

What have been your DIY projects this summer? Have you had any DIY disasters? Message me or leave a comment below!

Laura x

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