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Another quick DIY update - this time a makeover for my drawers (oo la la!). No, not that kind. My sister had a chest of drawers she was getting rid of, a beautiful curve-fronted set my Mum picked up in a local junk shop. My mum had given it an overhaul when we were teenagers, but when we finished decorating our new room we decided to give it an update.

First off I had to strip the three layers of pain and varnish off each drawer, and the main body of the furniture. I used a Dewalt heat gun, a small blade and a lot of elbow grease!

Once I'd stripped the majority of the paint off, I used sand paper wrapped on a cork block to get rid of the last remnants, particularly in the corners were it was hard to strip using the heat gun without catching the wood!

While I would have really liked to switch up the handles, I decided to just tart up the original ones. First off, I needed to try to strip off the original gloss paint - something I couldn't use the heat gun for. I purchased some paint stripper from B&Q and painted it on with an old paint brush. I then left it for about an hour and unfortunately, the results weren't great! So I left it on a bit longer and then, using a wire brush, scrubbed off as much of the paint as I could.

I wish I'd managed to get all the paint off - the brass would have been amazing!
For the choice of colour, I have to admit, we kind of scraped the barrel! We had two pots of left-over Fired Earth paint from when we'd done up a previous piece of furniture.  These were Charcoal and Bone White eggshell, so not a super shiny glossy finish, which we've since used in the rest of the house (more posts to follow!) All I did was use an old paint tin and slowly mix the colours together until I got the tone I was after. I painted the body of chest of drawers, and all the drawers, using a paint brush, rather than a roller, allowing time for the sides to dry before turning to do the next. I did this in our conservatory but had one small mishap when I accidentally sat on the paint lid - ah! Thank goodness I only had trashy painting clothes on.

I then washed the handles and painted those up too. Then, to give it a final bit of pa-zazz, I used some of the leftover wallpaper from our bedroom makeover to make drawer liners. I've also seen people who've papered the outside sides of their drawers which looks fantastic too!

And here's the final outcome! Not bad for a few nights work and NO PENNIES spent!

(I love free stuff)
And here it is in situ, next to my dressing station (shelf, pink tumbler and foot-stall are from Ikea, the mirror was from a charity shop and the horseshoes were gifts from my wedding).

If you'd like to know where anything in this picture came from, do get in touch!
If you'd like to see the rest of the bedroom, take a look at my blog post: The trials of moving house! What have been your DIY challenges this summer?

Laura x

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