The trials of moving house


If you've read my other posts, you'll see I've recently moved house... To say it was difficult is a huge understatement.

It all started with a list. Where did we want to be and what were we not prepared to compromise on. Sounds simple, right? Our list originally consisted of about 30 things, but as the weeks passed and the houses we went to see got worse and worse, my husband and I began feeling dejected at how difficult it seemed to be. Our 'must-have' criteria included a garden (enough for the dog at least!), off road parking, and enough room that our family can comfortably stay for long weekends (sadly, we all live so far apart).

My husband has always had the knack at seeing the potential in things. Whether that's a piece of furniture, a friend or a house that at first glance, is beyond repair. That's what our house seemed to be when we first went to take a look.

It was a very sad set of circumstances that led the house to be that way. The gentleman living there appeared to have problems with alcohol and had not cleaned it for at least 5 years (no kidding, he admitted that) when he separated from his wife. He also smoked in the house and had a dog. All this seems grim, and quite depressing really, but our biggest challenge by far was his 'DIY' enthusiasm. He started everything (badly),and finished nothing (making it, in places, quite unsafe). But the space was there and so was the potential.

We had a number of set backs throughout the process, one being that as the sale was going on, the gentleman suddenly passed away. So when everything finally went through (after 7 months!) I had this overwhelming feeling that the house was waiting for its fresh start too.

All the carpet was ripped out and some of it was still wet 6 weeks after he died/the dog went to family... I'll leave it up to your imagination what the 'wet' was from. All the walls, ceilings and now bare floorboards were scrubbed with bleach, followed by Sugar Soap, and then boiling water. When that was done, we began to move in.

It's been a hard slog, but now I can see the potential too. We have a vision for every room, and are both ready for the (probably years!) of toil it will take to get it up to the standard we want it to be. We have made a start, and even managed to make our bedroom a TAD smarter (keep scrolling down to see the finished project!).

After being inspired by Arne Jacobsen Trapez wallpaper, we decided we wanted to go for a Scandinavian-esq style, neutral and relaxing, that will act as the perfect backdrop to show off some of the pictures and furniture we already owned.

It's not finished yet, as we have to wait to rewire before any carpet can go down, but it's certainly starting to feel like home... one room at a time.

Laura x

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