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After receiving some wonderful home-made wedding presents from my friends, I decided I should pass that feeling on. The feeling that what I have is completely unique and made with me in their thoughts. What makes a gift more lovely to give, or receive? And so I've added the new tab on my blog: Home-Made. I hate challenges, so it would be hypocritical for me to say "I've challenged myself...", so instead I'll just say this: 2014 will be my home-made year.

It started with a poem:

My cat Millie attempting to help (not).
Some friends were getting married the end of last year, and while we did want to give them some Kenyan shilling for their safari honeymoon, we also wanted them to have something they could go back to in years to come and say 'Yes, that was a wedding present'. For this couple, I decided words were worth their weight in gold so composed a short poem on my old Smith-Corona typewriter.

My best friend told me that every night at bedtime, she reads the same book to her daughter. The story? Guess how much I love you, written by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram. Those beautiful little watercolours are my favourite kind of children's book illustrations and brought back my own happy memories of Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Two Bad Mice. I thought, we'll I'm not Jeram but I think I can do a good enough representation for one little girl.

The next gift idea was born:

Good enough baby girl?
My latest project is one that I can't include in this post as the little Mr hasn't arrived yet (be sure to check back in April for a how-to post)! I am not a professional artist, or a poet or a seamstress but this hasn't stopped me learning the basics and giving things a go. These presents won't be perfect, but I know with each one I'm dedicating a little part of my soul to it, and I'd like to think that that is something money can't buy.

Laura x

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