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We've had a pack of wedding photos sat on our coffee table since August wondering what on earth to do with them - that was, until during one of my many Pinterest pinning sessions I saw some great examples of how people are displaying their Instagram pictures and thought... we could do that! Here's an example that inspired us:

Collage of favorite Instagram pics. Love this! Made the collage in Photoshop and had it printed as a 16x20 at Costco for $6! via Becky Higgins at Project Life.
Inspiration taken from
I've seen some examples that are flat sheet posters prints which while they do look amazing, I didn't really feel it was worth chucking out the prints we already had, just to achieve this. So instead... we faked it thanks to some calculations and double-sided sticky tape!

All of the photos we had were standard 6" x 4" prints and were a mixture of doubles or spares of ones that didn't make it into our wedding album. This meant we had a good mix of some of the more formal photos and the candid shots our amazing photographer took for us during the day.

The frame was actually gifted to us, but after a bit of investigating I'm pretty sure it's an Ikea Ribba multi-aperture mount frame. It's 625mm by 825mm (random, I know!) and we bought a piece of A1 off-white card which we just trimmed down to fit the frame.

To make sure we achieved the same uniform look like so many of these great Instagram collages, we calculated each individual photo would need to be cut down to 100mm squared. This would give a top and bottom border of 70mm and side borders of 26mm, allowing for a small 12mm gap in between the pictures, to help make each one stand out.

So as all the images were straight, like the flat print examples we'd seen, we marked out lightly in pencil tiny dots showing where each corner for each picture would need to go.

Then, using a craft knife and metal ruler, we squared up each image and cut down to size. We then laid them out, moving around any pictures so we felt they weren't too ordered or with similar photos close together. Hopefully this has given it the eclectic effect of different elements and emotions - which is so true as to what the day was like.

Lola's helping make sure her photo is first!
On the reverse of each picture we used thin double-sided tape which we ran down each side of the picture, to ensure they were all secure and not likely to become unstuck and slip down the frame when the perspex was in place.

Using the corner dots as guides, we peeled off the backing and carefully stuck down each picture.

That's my husband's leg there pointing out from the bottom of the photo!
After cleaning the perspex from dust (and removing our cat sleeping from on it!) we carefully laid the paper onto the back board and dropped into the frame behind the perspex. We attached the wire for hanging across the back and voila - here's the finished product!

Something old, new, borrowed and blue
What have you done with your left over wedding snaps? Do you have a separate album with them in or do you have them on show too? Any other creative ideas, I'd love to hear them in the comments!

Laura x

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