Do blondes have more fun? (Going over to the dark side)


I am a natural blonde and all my twenty-something years have been told 'blondes have more fun' - but is that true? Well, for the first time in my life, I thought I might test that theory and so have gone over to the dark side!

My mother is a natural brunette and I think we look really alike other than that I'm a blonde and she's not. We both have the same green and brown eyes and this is something that, as a blonde, I struggled to find make-up role models for particularly when I wanted some inspiration (Thanks goes to Anna Saccone and her wedding make up video!)

Really, I've just been a bit of a coward and so in a very blonde kind of way, thought let's have fun and have a go!

Here's a reminder of me (+ husband!) before...

And... after!

I'll do a tutorial of my new everyday make-up look in another blog post if you're interested!
I used Clairol's nice 'n easy ammonia-free in colour medium golden brown (number 78). It says it washes out in about 24 shampoos, as I didn't want to run the risk of 'trying' a permanent colourant and it ending up being a very costly mistake if it didn't suit my complexion!

I left it on for 15 minutes and rinsed until the water ran clear, conditioned and then styled as usual using my GHD IV stylers. Also, I've decided to grow my fringe out, so it's at the very annoying stage at the moment where it's too long to wear in front of my face, and not long enough to go behind my ears!

I'm always aware of people who go too far from their natural hair colour it can look incredibly fake and not natural at all. I wanted to avoid this, so chose a colour in the same tones as my natural blonde and hope this is one of the reason's it doesn't look too 'unreal'.

 What I'm wearing
My boots are from Clarks. My black skinny jeans (which are actually high-waisted) are from Warehouse, and my jumper is from Gap. This is one of my staple go-to casual weekend outfits - pretty simple, but unbelievably comfortable!

Lastly, I just had to include this snap... talk about stealing your thunder!

Lola totally photo-bombing me!
So I'll keep you posted on whether blonde's do have more fun, or whether being brunette for the first time changes how people treat me (most haven't noticed so far haha!) However, I think that as long as you stay true to yourself and be who you are, I'm sure you can have fun whatever your hair colour.

Laura x

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