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This year, I have been invited to 6 weddings (not including my own!) and alas, due to the combination of friends and family, I haven't really been able to recycle many outfits - not least because of the joys of picture sharing via social media!

First things first, the basics: DO NOT wear an outfit that mimics the bride OR the bridesmaid(s). This is inappropriate etiquette, after all, you wouldn't want one of your beautiful friends turning up in a white dress on your day. Equally, you don't want to stand side-by-side to a bridesmaid in a similar outfit, either. You will look like a poorer substitute bridesmaid, either one the couple asked at the last moment and forgot to buy you flowers, or who looks like you're tying to muscle in on the action.

That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to wear something that will compliment the tones of the wedding. If you know the theme of the wedding, as many people now choose to co-ordinate their wedding stationery with their wedding colours, you can include small parts of that tone in your outfit. That way, in photographs, you'll be complimentary to the wedding party and really look a part of their day, and not stand out for clashing! Think about that crazy Aunt who turns up in something too tight/too short/too tacky - and how many photos did she make it in? Not many I guess.

How to compliment the tone:

To start, you need to establish if the wedding colour(s) are cool tones or warm tones. I believe it is a misconception that you can wear only cool or warm colours.  Yes, naturally you may be more suited to warm tones than to cool (for example, yellow gold jewellery suits me much better than silver!) but there is a depth of either tone that will compliment your complexion.

Here's a great visual from Tommy Beauty Pro:

Take a look at the PANTONE colours below. Warm tones, have a higher majority of red whereas cool tones, have a higher majority of blue. That means you can have cool and warm tones of each colour.  For example,

Warm purples:                                                         Cool purples:

The recent wedding I attended had the colour theme of (cool) purple. And here's what I wore!


Hudson Fit And Flare Collared Dress from Reiss

This sleeveless dress has paint-like dots in orange and purple, with a peter pan collar. This pretty cotton style has a flattering fit and flare shape that nips in at the waist, and pleats at the hips with one of my all-time favourite fashion things - concealed pockets (perfect for stashing those wedding-day tissues!) It has a concealed zip at the back, with hook and eye catch at the collar.


Grey Folded Lapel Waterfall Jacket from Topshop
I bought this last year for another wedding, so alas there's no link, but it is so versatile I would strongly recommend investing in a quality jacket in a neutral shade with a good fit. Phase Eight have some fantastic examples.

Nelly Hatinator from Coast

Plaque Stretch Skinny Belt in Silver from Banana Republic

Grey and silver laser cut slingbacks from Next

My bag was borrowed from my Mum (ah!) so I can''t say where it's from - sorry guys!

As you can see, I complemented the outfit using cool tones - cool purple, greys and silvers. Because the dress also has warm orange in the dress, it could easily be reworked using golds and burnt oranges/tan colours too. The perfect dress for rocking a capsule wardrobe!


As I was wearing such a bold colour so close to my face, I felt it was important to keep my make up simple and classic. I'm wearing:

Body Shop Skim Primer - Matt
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation in Intensity 2.0
Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in 02 (Light Medium)
Bare Minerals Mineral Foundation in Fairly Light N10

Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 021 Sunlight
Benefit 10 highlighter/bronzer
Clinique Quick blush in 06 Berry on Time
L'Oreal le blush in Old Rose (140)

Body Shop  Brow & Liner Kit in 01
Body Shop Brow & Lash Gel
Blush Professionals 88 Colour Hot Earth Eyeshadow Palette
Urban Decay Naked Basics palette
Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black
Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Waterproof Mascara in Black

L'Oreal Colour Riche in Taffeta (233)
A little smidge of Vaseline lip therapy in Coco butter - it was breezy and I was getting chapped lips!

Finally, to tie in my grey shoes and belt, I opted for Rimmel's 60 Seconds Nail Polish in Grey Matter. Check out their great Pinterest board for more nail inspiration!


Staying on trend

I absolutely love to check in with PANTONE at the start of each season to see what colours are going to be big. Take a look at their website for their Women's Fashion Colour Report - here's Fall 2013! This is a huge help for anyone who has a capsule wardrobe. Just a couple of new pieces each season (a belt, a cardigan, a new nail polish even!) in these tones will update your exisiting collection and keep you on trend.

Are you putting an outfit together for a big occassion? How are you going about co-ordinating your outfit? Leave a comment below!

Laura x

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